Fundraise in partnership
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What you can do

Fundraise in partnership

Everyone has their own unique skills and experience, whatever yours are and whoever you are, you can make a difference.

Stonewall is lucky enough to have the support of some amazing individuals, organisations, theatre productions and businesses. Thank you to each and every one of you - our work would not be possible without you! We're currently working with:

Wicked the Musical

We’re so excited to partner with 'Wicked the Musical' through their For Good programme, which spearheads a range of causes born out of the themes of the award-winning musical, a production that beautifully celebrates being true to yourself.

Thanks to their support we’ll be able to help to ensure that every young person is able to enjoy learning free from fear of bullying.

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SAFE is a photo essay offering a glimpse into the London queer performance scene and what it means to perform and embody a wide range of genders. It explores queer London and its performance scene and celebrates the freedoms and challenges of living and performing outside the gender binary. 

We’re so grateful to author Linnea Frank for supporting Stonewall through sales of her new work.

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