LGBT Workplace Stories
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What you can do

LGBT Workplace Stories

We believe that anyone can be a role model. A role model understands the influence they have and uses that influence to create positive change.

By sharing your story you’re doing just that – showing others that it's possible to be comfortable and successful at work without compromising on who you are.

These are the stories of LGBT people from across the world of work. Some speak of the change they’ve made at their workplace, some discuss the opportunities they've had as visible role models, and others explore the challenges they’ve faced along the way. All share the message that bringing your whole self to work is both liberating and powerful.

Each story is accompanied by a poster, which you can print and display at your offices or share as an infographic on your intranet. Sharing these stories is a powerful way to encourage LGBT people within your organisation to come forward and share theirs too.

Álvaro's story

Principal Machinery Engineer, Air Products, Engineering

Amelia's story

Teaching Lab Technician, University of Bristol, Education

Amy's story

Assistant Private Secretary, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Civil Service

Anthony's story

Application Developer, Allstate Northern Ireland, Technology

Bernardo's story

Police Officer, Metropolitan Police Service, Emergency Services

Chelvan's story

Barrister, Legal Sector

Daniel's story

Vice Chair and Interim Chair, Anorexia and Bulimia Care, Third Sector

Danielle's story

Police Officer, Cheshire Police, Emergency Services

Gamal's story

Diversity Facilitator and Retired Police Officer, Emergency Services

Gemma's story

Acas, Government Sector

Harry's story

Scottish Government, Government Sector

Jack's story

Team Lead, Mental Wellbeing & Counselling, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Sector, Health Sector

Jo's story

Apprentice Coordinator and LGBTQ+ Network Coordinator, St Mungo’s, Third Sector

Martin's story

Management Consultant, Oliver Wyman, Professional Services

Nathan's story

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art & Photography, York St John University, Education

Ro's story

Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Citi, Investment Banking and Asset Management

Pierrette's story

Collections & Conservation Officer, Bolton Museum, Museums Sector

Ray's story

Associate Chaplain, Chaplaincy at the University of South Wales, Education

Samantha's story

Regional Manager – North East, British Triathlon Federation, Sport

Stella's story

Environment Support Manager, Transport for London, Transport Sector