Bi-Inclusive Workplace of the Year 2020: DWF
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Bi-Inclusive Workplace of the Year 2020: DWF

DWF has made bi visibility and acceptance a key tenet of their LGBT inclusion work over the past year.

They supported four UK Prides over summer and ensured that Bi Pride flags were available to attendees, and allies were encouraged to collect Bi Pride flags during the DWF’s Ally Challenge in August.

In May, their Leeds office hosted a Bi Inclusion Seminar open to all, which covered biphobia and bi discrimination, and building bi-inclusive workplaces. This fantastic work is complemented by policies that are fully bi inclusive and Dignity at Work documents that explicitly refer to biphobia.

There has been lots of activity at DWF to mark days such as IDAHOBiT and Bi Visibility Day, including the Diversity & Inclusion Manager sharing facts about biphobia with the whole company, and the LGBT network publishing a myth-busting article about bi people. The network has also created additional bi-specific resources, and profiled personal stories from the bi community.

There are little things any organisation can do to create a more bi-inclusive workplace.

Over the past year we have celebrated Bi Visibility Day, profiled bi role models across the business, and partnered with our LGBT+ Network, Out Front, to provide education on what biphobia and bi discrimination looks like.”

Stephen Miles, CEO of Commercial Services, and Executive Sponsor for LGBT+ Inclusion at DWF

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