Bi Role Model of the Year 2020: Charles Wild
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Bi Role Model of the Year 2020: Charles Wild

Charles Wild works as International Development Director at Grant Thornton.

As Grant Thornton’s LGBT+ Network Convenor they have advocated internally for LGBT communities, particularly to promote greater bi and trans inclusion, and have lobbied to secure resources for the network. They have also led policy reviews, drafted a transitioning at work policy, and advised the firm in their launch of an Inclusion Ally role that promotes inclusive behaviour in the workplace.

Their trailblazing work has involved setting up an LGBT reverse mentoring scheme and leading Grant Thornton LLP’s first celebration of Bi Visibility Day. They’ve also coached LGBT colleagues, their managers and the firm’s leadership on issues affecting LGBT people, including policies, dress code, coming out, international mobility and dealing with anti-LGBT behaviours.

They stepped up as a visible role model by writing a Mental Health Awareness Week blog discussing their non-binary pansexual identity, which went out to all staff. Finally, outside the office Charles has acted as an ambassador for the firm, speaking at diversity and inclusion events and championing bi and non-binary inclusion externally.

At Grant Thornton, we celebrated Bi+ Visibility Day for the first time in 2019. One of our colleagues took the opportunity to come out spontaneously.

That’s why I chose to stand tall and proud of my identity – to give that one scared person who is hiding or hurting the confidence to express their true selves with pride.”

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