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Jigar Bhadra in a black polo shirt in an office building, smiling

Changemaker: Jigar Bhadra

Jigar Bhadra (he/him)

Head of Procurement, GSK, India.

Jigar established GSK’s first LGBTQ+ network across the Indian Subcontinent, Spectrum India/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh.

Jigar wants to fight back against the portrayed perception of gay men in India, which is told through a narrow media lens that he describes as a ‘caricature in a Bollywood film’, and challenge the stereotypes and biases that the LGBTQ+ community face in his home country, India.

When he began working at the GSK offices in Mumbai he immediately advocated for and implemented inclusive workplace signage. After campaigning for better medical benefits for LGBTQ+ colleagues which now includes insurance coverage for five gender reassignment procedures, Jigar has begun to design an employment and education program for the local trans community to support them to access work.

He’s become a role model for LGBTQ+ colleagues across GSK, and a staunch ally to the trans community in India.

Jigar’s vision is to form a Pharma, Tech and consulting consortium for the LGBTQIA+ community to function not only as support group but also to exchange ideas and motivate senior leaders and board members to be vocal allies of the community. Jigar wants the medical community to focus on the healthcare needs of LGBTQIA+ community.

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