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Chay's Story

Chay's Story

I came out as trans three years ago, but I haven’t applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate. The application fee is £140. That’s three months’ council tax for me. As a GRC application can be rejected without the right of appeal, I can’t risk losing that amount of money. Nobody should have to choose between putting food on the table and legal gender recognition. It costs nothing to change a driving licence.

We need a cheaper, simpler, statutory declaration process with no requirement for medical reports.

It must include non-binary people too, who currently have no legal gender recognition at all. And it must include young people. You can leave school, get a job and pay tax at sixteen, so why aren’t you considered responsible enough to know what your own gender is?


I’m much more confident and outgoing since I transitioned. Life has changed completely. I’ve always had supportive employers and family, a stable income, and a roof over my head. Too many trans people aren’t so lucky so I make sure I use my privilege to make a difference.

If you live in England or Wales please take five minutes to write to your MP today. Tell them why you support trans equality and ask them to write to the government showing their support.