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Network Group of the Year: Accenture


Accenture’s global LGBTIQ+ employee network, “Pride at Accenture,” started in 2003 and is active in more than 90 cities across 45 countries.

It has a program strategy that's planned and agreed with Inclusion & Diversity Leads and Pride Sponsors in each country. Pride Network and I&D Leads are responsible for tracking progress against the “Pride Scorecard” which outlines priorities and success indicators, or “Pride KPIs”, relevant to each country.

The strategy aims to match progress towards global goals with locally led innovation. For example, from June - August 2021 the global network celebrated Pride virtually under the banner of “Pride means more”, with guest speakers from around the world sharing their personal experiences, insights and allyship lessons.  

Outside Pride season, the networks lead local initiatives year-round. For example, the network in Australia held an event for Transgender Day of Visibility in March, and the Germany, Austria and Switzerland networks hosted an event for Bisexual Visibility Day where they heard personal stories from bisexual network members to educate colleagues on the lived experience of being bi in the workplace.

The Philippines network celebrated its 15th anniversary with an event to celebrate senior transgender leaders and role models at Accenture, reflecting on the progress they’d seen over 15 years.

The Romania Pride Network built a comprehensive training curriculum to educate colleagues and support the LGBTIQ+ community, focusing on topics from LGBTIQ+ history, gender identity, the power of storytelling and more.

In a collaborative effort, the South Africa and Philippines networks held a virtual Pride march alongside a series of events focused on LGBTIQ+ history and culture, allyship, empowerment and celebration.

Pride networks also collaborate with other employee networks to promote an intersectional approach to advancing an inclusive workplace culture. For example, the U.S. Pride network partnered with the Interfaith network to host a conversation at the intersection of faith and LGBTIQ+ identity.

Each quarter, the Global Pride at Accenture Leadership team brings together the local networks to exchange knowledge and best practices—allowing them to learn from each other and build a unique schedule of activities.  

The network has a Global Pride Program Lead who manages Accenture’s LGBTIQ+ inclusion programs and the Global Pride Ally Network which has more than 120,000 members. This global support structure has enabled some incredible ally initiatives to flourish locally – for example, the Pride Networks in India and the Philippines created a framework to engage with leadership and now the majority of Managing Directors in these countries are trained as LGBTIQ+ allies. 

The Pride at Accenture global network aims to ensure that all LGBTIQ+ people are represented in their global and local activity. They recognise the importance of engaging and supporting allies on their inclusion journey, to achieve a better workplace culture for everyone. The careful balance between global and local activities enables an international standard for LGBTIQ+ inclusion to be set and then implemented in sensitive and appropriate ways across their operational footprint. 

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