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School & College Champions membership

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Stonewall's popular School & College Champions programme is available to any school, college or education setting in England.

Stonewall School & College Champion Membership

At Stonewall, we stand for all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) children and young people.

We imagine a world where LGBTQ+ children and young people are free to be themselves and can live their lives to the full. Inclusive schools, colleges and educational settings have a huge part to play in this making this world a reality.

Stonewall School & College Champion membership will help you develop as school, college or setting, to ensure your LGBTQ+ children and young people feel valued, respected and represented. We’ve worked with primary and secondary schools, Local Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts across the UK to challenge bullying and celebrate diversity, so that all LGBTQ+ children and young people can reach their potential.

Our work is informed by our sector-leading research and led by our experienced team. Our online training and resources have tailored information for every setting – whether you’re a village primary school or an urban FE college, a UK mainstream setting or a special school. Wherever you are, we’ve got the expertise to help you develop your best work in LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Are you a Multi-Academy Trust looking to develop LGBTQ+ inclusion across your schools? We can offer tailored services for MATS.

Are you a school governor or an academy trustee? Be sure to read our information on what you need to know about LGBTQ+ inclusion.

When you join us, you can apply for our sector-leading Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to benchmark your LGBTQ+ inclusion work against national best practice. You’ll benefit from discounted online training, exclusive education resources and year-round support from our team of experts: we’ll help you support LGBTQ+ children and young people, celebrate diversity, develop your policies and tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

Why does it matter?

  • 45% of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans young people have experienced homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying
  • More than eight in ten primary teachers have never had any specific training in how to tackle homophobic bullying
  • One in three trans pupils are not able to be known by their preferred name at school
  • 64% of trans pupils are bullied at school for being trans

The best way to access our support is to become a member today. Find out how you’ll benefit from Stonewall School & College Champion membership below. Got questions that aren't answered on this page? Check our membership FAQs and FAQs on our work in relation to the Equality Act and other statutory guidance to find the information you need.

Key benefits

Become a member

All you need to do to become a Stonewall School & College Champion is complete our online form. Once we’ve got your details, we’ll set up your membership, send you an invoice and email you to let you know when your membership has been activated. There's also space on the form for you to include a purchase order number, if you need to.

For schools and colleges in Cymru, please contact directly to join.

The cost of your membership includes access to our pioneering Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, including bespoke feedback on your application from our expert team and an exclusive Stonewall Award logo. You’ll also get free CPD accredited online training for a number of your staff, plus member discounts on any extra training you’d like to book. You’ll have access to our members-only resources , year-round support from our specialist Education and Youth team, and more.

Our membership fees are calculated based on the number of students there are in your setting, to make sure even the smallest schools can afford our support. Stonewall is a registered charity and the fees we charge cover the costs of our membership programme. We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible so we can offer you the most competitive membership fees.

Read the terms and conditions of Stonewall School & College Champion membership.


Become a Stonewall School & College Champion Member

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It was interesting and engaging. I now feel better prepared to deal with issues in a structured and knowledgeable way.
Year 9 teacher

Why become a Stonewall School & College Champion Member?


All member schools can apply for a Stonewall School & College Champion Award. Our brand new Awards work on a points-based system: apply at any point in your membership year and we’ll grade your application at Bronze, Silver or Gold level depending on how many points you score. You’ll get your result within eight weeks of submitting your application. Our sector-leading Awards framework helps you continue to develop best practice in LGBTQ+ inclusion. Make sure to celebrate your achievement with an exclusive Award logo and certificate.

Please note the awards are not currently available as part of the School & College champions programme in Cymru.


We’re proud to offer a range of CPD accredited training options for you. Our online courses offer a flexible way for you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to support the young people in your school. You’ll get free places included in the cost of your membership and you’ll benefit from a member discount on extra places, including bulk buy discounts.


You’ll receive a free pack of our most popular posters and stickers when you become a School & College Champion or renew your membership. Throughout the year, you’ll get priority access to exclusive new education resources tailored for your school, college or setting type. From best practice guidance and policy support to the lesson packs created by one of our qualified teachers, there’s plenty to choose from.

Best practice

You’ll become part of a national network of schools & colleges leading the way in celebrating difference. When you become a member you can use the School & College Champions logo on your website and letterheads (bilingual logos available for schools/colleges in Cymru), access an extensive library of education resources, benefit from termly newsletters and book bespoke 1-1 email or phone support from our expert team. You can share your successful LGBTQ-inclusive work with other schools and colleges through our case studies and at our education events.

Membership fees

Band 1: 0-100 students: £150 + VAT per year with 2 free e-learning places

Band 2: 101-300 students: £275 + VAT per year with 4 free e-learning places

Band 3: 301-500 students: £375 + VAT per year with 6 free e-learning places

Band 4: 501-1,000 students: £450 + VAT per year with 8 free e-learning places

Band 5: 1,001-2,000 students: £550 + VAT per year with 12 free e-learning places

Band 6: More than 2,000 students: £800 + VAT per year with 20 free e-learning places

Cymru schools & colleges: £275 + VAT per year with 8 free eLearning places

New members can sign up using our membership form. For schools/colleges in Cymru, please contact

Schools & colleges wishing to renew their membership should use the renewal form. For schools/colleges in Cymru, please contact

There is space on both forms to include a PO number, if required. Please note that we cannot process new or renewed memberships unless a member of staff has completed the appropriate renewal form.

For any enquiries regarding Stonewall Cymru’s School & College Champions programme, please contact

Become a Stonewall School & College Champion member

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It's really easy to become a Stonewall School & College Champion member, just sign up using our electronic form.