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Stonewall Top Global Employers 2022

Congratulations to all Top Global Employers and Award Winners of 2022.

We are thrilled to recognise and celebrate the efforts of leading employers to advance LGBT inclusion in their workplaces across the globe.

Thank you to all of this year's participants who committed to advancing LGBT equality in their workplaces and took part in this unique benchmark.

Foreword from our CEO

Across the globe, the world has seen some unexpected and colossal events that have had an indescribable impact on the lives of LGBT people.

Unknown numbers of LGBT refugees have been displaced from their homes in Afghanistan, Ukraine and many other countries whilst they seek safe refuge to protect themselves and their loved ones. The UK Government broke its promise to protect trans people from conversion therapy through a new bill and the rise of monkeypox cases across the globe unnecessarily heightened stigma and discrimination towards LGBT communities once again.

We’ve also seen some life-changing successes in our communities; multiple countries including Argentina and Columbia now officially recognize non binary identities and, amidst a backdrop of troubling anti-trans legislation, the US introduced X markers on passports for those that not identify as male or female. Equal Ground in Sri Lanka won a landmark ruling in the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women which agreed that the criminalization of same-sex sexual activity between women is a human rights violation and a record number of LGBTQ athletes competed in the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The role of employers in championing, advocating and implementing LGBT rights undoubtedly contributes to the pace of change that we know to be possible.

Whether it's through workplace policy, LGBT staff networks or organizational advocacy, every single step an employer takes to protect their LGBT staff and provide them with a safe working environment enables this global movement to move forwards and continue the fight for change. If your organisation has built a partnership with another LGBT organisation this year, or supported your local LGBT staff networks to grow, or got your senior sponsors talking about LGBT inclusion on stage, then you are part of progress.

Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to LGBT rights across the globe.

The Global Workplace Equality Index is a tool to support you to progress, and to progress equality for our communities. We know it takes time to participate in an exercise like this, and it takes even longer to feel the change we are working towards, but the GWEI is an important step to support you to do this safely and appropriately wherever you work.

A special congratulations to those employers receiving awards and their bronze, silver or gold recognition this year. You should be incredibly proud of this achievement, and I am ever hopefully that by working together, we will one day see a world where LGBT people are free to be themselves, wherever they live and work.

Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall

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